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Musikmesse: HEDD Type 20 Near/Midfield Monitor

New monitor claims superior mid-range detail

HEDD, the new company founded by speaker designer Klaus Heinz, has been demonstrating their brand new studio monitor at Musikmesse. The HEDD Type 20 is a fully-fledged three-way-system stuffed into a small footprint cabinet. Essentially, the Type 20 is much like the company’s Type 30 mid-field monitor, but with only one 7-inch driver instead of two. This reduces the maximum SPL by a significant 6dB, but still means there’s more than enough level for near-field or near/mid-field work.

The Type 20 is based around a strong, rubber-coated cabinet, that incorporates HEDD’s own Honeycomb-sandwich woofers (7-inch bass / 4-inch mid- range) and the HEDD Air Motion Transformer tweeter for accurate high-frequency reproduction. Three 300W Class-D ICEpower modules work in the amp section of these analogue speakers. 

With the Type 20, HEDD were aiming for clarity in the midrange, better dynamics and an increased three-dimensionality across its sound stage. It boasts a usable frequency response 50kHz all the way down to 32Hz. 

The Type 20 also incorporates the versatile 'HEDD Bridge' system. Besides standard analogue connections (XLR/RCA), the speaker can be equipped with optional AES3/AES EBU, Dante or Ravenna /AES67 cards for Audio- over-IP integration. This makes them suitable for in IP-based recording and mastering studios but also in more complex multi-channel environments such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, broadcast or live concerts, where multiple separate loudspeakers have to be administrated and fed with individual high-resolution audio streams

The Type 20 will be available in Summer and will cost around €1900 per monitor.

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