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Messe: Soundcraft Mini Stageboxes unveiled

Compact stageboxes provide additional I/O for Soundcraft Si consoles

Soundcraft parent company Harman Professional Solutions have announced the new Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32i and Mini Stagebox 16i, offering customers multiple channels of remote controlled I/O for Soundcraft Si series products, including the Si Impact mixing console. The new rack-mount stageboxes are equipped with high-quality components, including Studer-designed preamps, which outperform even the Si’s highly-regarded pres.

Additionally, Harman recently released a free firmware update for the Soundcraft Si Impact mixing console that enables up to 80 mix tracks when used in conjunction with stageboxes. The update allows Si Impact owners to add a stagebox for additional inputs, while simultaneously using the existing console inputs. By adding a second MADI option card to the console, customers can add a second stagebox and select which inputs to assign to the 80 mixing channels. On top of that, with up to 80 total mix tracks, customers can now handle more complex mixing scenarios, like adding an optional Dante card for receiving from a house router, or outputting to either the back of their console or the stagebox—all while recording up to 32 tracks over USB to a connected digital audio workstation.

Soundcraft is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd.

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