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Acustica unveil free Arctic plug-in

Morph control blends between three types of processing

Acustica Audio Arctic free mix bus processor compressor limiter saturation plug-in VST3 AU AAX

Acustica Audio traditionally offer users a free software gift each Christmas, and this year they are giving users the chance to download Arctic, a brand new all-in-one plug-in intended for mix bus processing.

Joining the company’s Acqua series of plug-ins, this latest offering combines a compressor, limiter, and saturation processor in a simple and intuitive interface, and offers everything from subtle compression through to hard limiting and extreme overdrive effects.

Each of the three processes are placed along a single Morph control which sits at the top of the plug-in’s GUI, allowing users to blend seamlessly between them, a method which Acustica say helps users to quickly arrive at their desired sound. More detailed control is available thanks to a set of parameters underneath the slider, with access to make-up gain, threshold, and high-pass filter, and release time settings available, as well as a wet/dry control to allow built-in parallel processing.

The compressor section features a pair of modelled detection circuits which work simultaneously. The first is a peak detector which features fast attack and release times, whilst a second RMS variant offers a slower and more natural-sounding character. Acustica’s newly developed Hyper technology has been used to create the plug-in, which helps to deliver impressive performance whilst maintaining modest CPU usage.


Arctic is supported on Windows and Mac platforms, and is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.


Arctic is available to download now via Acustica Audio’s Aquarius download manager software.

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