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Free SOS Microphone Buyers Guide

Microphones: Products & Practice tells you all you need to know

Microphones: Products & PracticeMicrophones: Products & PracticeMicrophones: Products & Practice is a free online guide to choosing, using and buying microphones. This authoritative publication gathers in one place all you need to know about every type of microphone for the stage and studio. In addition, it includes detailed technical specifications for hundreds of currently available microphones to help you decide which model is right for you.

Introductory chapters by SOS Editors Paul White and Hugh Robjohns will guide you through such essential information as how microphones work, how to pick the right mic for the job, using preamps, and how to position and use your mics to maximum effect. 

The guide is available as a page-turnable online edition or as a downloadable PDF, and as an added bonus, we’re giving away a free 35-minute video from Alan Parson’s acclaimed Art & Science Of Sound Recording DVD box set with each copy.

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