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JZ Mics BT201

Three in one!
The BT201 is the latest product from Latvian microphone manufacturers JZ. It’s a quirky-looking small-diaphragm condenser mic that features a useful interchangeable capsule design. Described as “three microphones for the price of one”, the BT201 comes with three capsules that offer omnidirectional, cardioid and wide cardioid polar patterns. They can be swapped quickly, using a nifty magnetic mounting system that is threadless and therefore removes the risk of cross-threading (and rendering useless) the capsules.

The BT201, according to manufacturers, can deliver “smooth and transparent highs” with “natural low-end response” and has low self noise. Complete with capsules, it costs 499 Euros, which was £435 at the time of writing. Various optional extras are available: a version of the wide cardioid capsule with a -20dB pad costs around £86, and a shockmount costs just shy of £70. A matched pair of BT201s is also available for around £925. The JZ BT201 will be debuted at January's NAMM show, and will go on-sale shortly after.

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