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Live 8 'Sgt. Pepper' performance released on-line

Track goes on sale an hour after performance

In what is thought to be the fastest ever worldwide commercial record release, Paul McCartney and U2's performance of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' at Saturday's Live 8 concert in London has been released worldwide as a digital download.

The recording, which was on sale just one hour after it was performed, is available from over 200 on-line music stores and web sites, including, with all proceeds going to Live 8. The record won't be available in any physical form.

Immediately after the performance, the track was transmitted via satellite to BBC Television Centre in London and relayed to Capitol Radio. There, a direct digital recording was captured for Universal Music, who edited, mastered and transmitted the track to their production centre in Hanover, Germany. The final master was sent to the company's global electronic distribution warehouse in the US and delivered to on-line stores around the world.

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