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Major update for Lynx Hilo

Version 5 firmware released

Back in July, we reviewed the Lynx Hilo, a high-end A-D/D-A converter digital routing system (you can read the review here: Now, the California-based company have released version 5 of the Hilo's firmware, which adds some serious extra features.Now with v5 firmware!Lynx Hilo

DSD playback is now supported, as is the use of ADAT signals via the optical input. Test tones can now be generated from the Hilo for use in system calibration, and the new Solo function allows any input to be solo'd for referencing.

The analogue-style metering has also been improved, so you can now calibrate the 0dB level manually, as well as adjust its update rate and response time. There are now also four modes of mono/stereo switching: normal stereo, sum (a standard left/right mono mode), left and right (which sends equal amounts of either the left or right channel to both monitors).

The upgrade is free to all Hilo owners, and can be downloaded from

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