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Lynx announce Hilo 2 A-D/D-A Converter & Interface

Reference grade audio converter

Lynx Hilo 2 Audio Converter

Lynx Studio Technology have announced the upcoming launch of Hilo 2, an independently-coupled 2-in/6-out AD/DA audio converter/interface. Building on the success of the original Hilo (reviewed in SOS July 2012), Lynx believe Hilo 2 delivers a number of improvements over its predecessor.

Bob Bauman, Lynx Co-owner & Chief Hardware Engineer: When we released the original Hilo in 2012, it made a big impact on the world of mixing, mastering, location sound, and many other disciplines within professional audio.

Key improvements include more transparency in the device's line inputs and outputs thanks to reductions in both distortion and noise. The sample clock now features SynchroLock 2, ensuring faster locking and precise tracking of external clocks with 7ppm absolute accuracy. The Hilo 2 boasts an upgraded LCD with a capacitive touch panel, which Lynx say provides improved brightness, uniform off-axis viewing, and better touch responsiveness.

David Hoatson, Co-owner & Chief Software Engineer: Hilo 2 offers significant improvements in both the audio performance and functionality of the original Hilo. Now more than ever, the ultimate in world-class audio conversion will be appreciated by the community of audio engineers, recordists, and music producers.

Hilo 2 will also provide an upgrade path to sample rates above 192kHz and DSD on input and output, as well as offering users selectable linear and minimum phase filters on its line I/O.

Price & Availability

The Hilo 2 is anticipated at Lynx dealers in Q2 2024 with details on pricing yet to be revealed.

Lynx Studio Technology are presenting at NAMM 2024 and be found at booth #15504.

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