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HEDD and IsoAcoustics monitor mounting solution

Custom isolation brackets for immersive speaker setups

IsoAcoustics and HEDD isolation brackets

German studio monitor manufacturer HEDD Audio and audio isolation specialists IsoAcoustics have joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution for mounting ceiling speakers in response to the increasing demand for immersive monitoring setups.

HEDD and IsoAcoustics have collaborated to create a tailored solution for mounting the TYPE series monitor speakers. The partnership introduces special brackets in combination with the V120 mount from IsoAcoustics, providing an optimal solution for ceiling- or wall-mounting HEDD's speakers and achieving next-level immersive audio playback.

IsoAcoustics, known for its exceptional work in mitigating unwanted resonance, brings its patented technology to dampen vibrations from speakers before they can cause disturbances in the room. The V120 Mount, a recent development, extends this technology to wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers, which IsoAcoustics claim reduces the effect of resonances to a minimum. This upgrade can enhance clarity and transparency when using premium speakers such as HEDD's studio monitors.

While the IsoAcoustics V120 is generally available independently of the speaker manufacturer, the collaboration between IsoAcoustics and HEDD has resulted in specially designed adapters and mounting brackets for HEDD's TYPE 05 MK2, TYPE 07 MK2, TYPE 20 MK2, and TYPE 30 MK2 models. The innovative U brackets allow users to lift the monitor into place after installing the brackets, making for easy setup. The U brackets are designed to ensure ideal sound direction, and the solution for the TYPE 30 MK2 utilizes two V120 isolators to support the speaker's weight. This lineup from IsoAcoustics and HEDD represents a significant upgrade for those looking to create a complete immersive audio studio setup.

Prices & Availability

All specially designed HEDD isolation ceiling mounts by IsoAcoustics are available immediately, see the box below for price details.

Find HEDD showcasing this custom solution at NAMM 2024 at the RAD Distribution booth #14502 and in their own demo space (TKAB, Hall A). IsoAcoustics can be found at booth #14822.


The ceiling mounts are available as adapters to connect to the V120 system, and as bundles including everything required to set up the speakers. The prices are as follows:

  • M05 Custom adapter for TYPE 05 MK2: 29.99 EUR
  • M07 Custom adapter for TYPE 07 MK2): 29.99 EUR
  • M20 Custom adapter for TYPE 20 MK2): 99.99 EUR
  • M30 Custom adapter for TYPE 30 MK2): 139.99 EUR
  • M05 Bundle (incl. C-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 249.99 EUR
  • M05 Bundle (incl. L-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 274.99 EUR
  • M07 Bundle (incl. C-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 249.99 EUR
  • M07 Bundle (incl. L-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 274.99 EUR
  • M20 Bundle (incl. U-Bracket / V120): 274.99 EUR
  • M30 Bundle (incl. U-Bracket / V120): 439.99 EUR

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