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Manley Labs announce Massive Passive XXV

Anniversary edition of popular hardware EQ

Manley Massive Passive XXV stereo valve tube outboard hardware EQ equaliser

Manley Labs have announced the upcoming launch of the Massive Passive XXV, a limited edition model of their popular stereo valve equaliser. Intended to celebrate the unit’s 25th year in production, the XXV version retains the same circuit design but sports a new deep-blue finish complete with laser-engraved artwork. Each unit will also be supplied with a ‘Micro Massive’ artpiece crafted by EveAnna Manley.

The Massive Passive is a stereo unit that offers four bands of equalisation per channel, along with both high- and low-pass filters. Each band can be switched between shelf and bell filter modes and can apply a cut or boost of up to 20dB. The unit also features a Bandwidth control, which differs from a traditional Q in that it interacts with the band’s level control, behaving in a similar way to the control found on Pultec equalisers. As a result, the company say the Massive Passive is often more musical and natural-sounding than many alternative processors.

As you’d expect, the unit employs high-quality components throughout, with film capacitors and metal-film resistors joined by inductors and transformers that are wound in-house by Manley’s own dedicated department. Since 2020, all Massive Passive units have also been fitted with the company’s own custom power supply.

Manley Massive Passive XXV stereo valve tube outboard hardware EQ equaliserThe Massive Passive XXV boasts a stylish deep blue finish with laser-engraved artwork.

Pricing & Availability

The Massive Passive XXV will begin shipping in September 2023, priced at $6999. Manley Labs will only be manufacturing 100 units.

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