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McDSP introduce BOB APB plug-in

Product announcements ahead of NAMM 2024

McDSP BOB APB plug-in

McDSP have announced the BOB APB Plug-in in readiness for NAMM 2024, introducing a powerful tool for enhancing low frequencies with additional analogue processing options.

This plug-in builds upon the original BOB module from the 6060 Ultimate Module collection and incorporates all its controls, including Bias, Frequency, Squash, Rate, and Bias Modes A and B. The BOB APB features a new two-stage analogue signal path, introducing three additional controls: Gain, Trim/HR (Headroom), and Analog Modes I and II.

The unique bass-optimised bias (BOB) algorithm remains a focal point, now complemented by adjustable analogue compression and saturation. Users can monitor their input, output, overall gain reduction and Squash gain reduction through VU style meters displayed on the interface. With sample-accurate automation of analogue processing, the BOB APB plug-in offers precise control over its features.

McDSP have also announced that their macOS-only SA-3 spectral processor (reviewed in SOS January 2024 issue) will soon become available for Windows users, with a release penned for February of this year.

Additionally, McDSP have released a public beta of a low-latency mode for APB plug-ins, which will enable use at any hardware buffer size with latency as low as sub 5 milliseconds for Pro Tools versions 2023.12 and later.


The estimated release date for the BOB APB Plug-in is March 2024.

The BOB and SA-3 plug-ins, along with the rest of the McDSP product line, will be available to hear in-person at McDSP’s NAMM Booth #14914.

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