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McDSP SA-3 plug-in gains Windows support

Latest plug-in now available to PC users

McDSP SA-3 Spectral Processor plug-in Windows 10 11 PC support

McDSP have announced that their recently released SA-3 Spectral Processor plug-in is now supported on PCs running Windows 10 and 11.

SA-3 is based on the algorithms used in the company’s Engineering Emmy Award-winning SA-2 Dialog Processor plug-in, and has been designed to remove unwanted spectral spikes in a range of sources including dialogue and vocals. It is also capable of tracking and eliminating persistent peaks at nearly any frequency in the audio spectrum. It introduces a range of powerful new features including over 1000 additional processing bands, a user-programmable bias curve, Focus, Range and Density controls that manipulate the spectral processing, side-chain support and Mid-Side processing.

To find out more about the plug-in and what it’s capable of, take a look at our review from the January 2024 issue of SOS (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).

Pricing & Availability

SA-3 Spectral Processor is available now, priced at $129. It is also included in McDSP’s Everything Pack Bundle and All Access Subscription.

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