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BOB ABP plug-in from McDSP

Released alongside new low-latency mode

McDSP BOB Bass Optimized Bias APB plug-in

McDSP have announced that BOB (Bass Optimized Bias), the most recent addition to their APB hardware platform, is now available for users to download. Originally revealed ahead of the NAMM Show 2024, the latest plug-in expands on the original BOB module found in the company’s 6060 Ultimate Module collection. A full review of the plug-in is in the works, and will be making an appearance in an upcoming issue of SOS.

Low-Latency Mode

Alongside the new plug-in, McDSP have also announced the introduction of a new low-latency mode for all APB plug-ins for Pro Tools 2023.12 and later. The feature was announced earlier in 2024 and made available as a public beta, and allows APB plug-ins to be used at any hardware buffer size with latency figures as low as 5ms.

To find out more about McDSP’s innovative APB platform, take a look at our review of the APB-16 from SOS November 2019.


BOB is available now, and as with all APB plug-ins, is provided for free for all registered APB users. The installers for the latest APB software can be found via the link below.

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