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Mic preamps from Sabria Audio

High-quality units for studio & stage

Sabria Audio Source Tube Preamp valve microphone preamplifierSabria Audio's Source Tube Preamp.

Sabria Audio are a pro-audio manufacturer based in Spain whose range currently consists of a trio of high-quality mic preamps, and will soon be extended to include a selection of 500‑series modules and more. 

Source Tube Preamp

First up is the Source Tube Preamp, a single-channel valve-based unit that accepts microphone, line-level and Hi‑Z instrument sources. A trio of rotary controls offer input selection, gain and variable high-pass filter functions, and a collection of toggle switches offer 48V phantom power, a -20dB pad and a polarity reversal option. A fourth switch labelled SVS (Subtle Vintage Sound) then engages a circuit that generates additional harmonics, adding some additional character to the input source. 

Front-panel XLR and TS sockets are provided for mic and instrument sources, while the rear panel hosts a mixture of XLR and TS connectors that offer microphone and line-level inputs along with a line-level output and a Hi-Z Link socket to pass an instrument signal onto an amplifier. 

Dual Pre

Sabria Audio's Dual Pre high-quality solid-state mic preampSabria Audio's Dual Pre high-quality solid-state mic preamp.

As its name suggests, Dual Pre doubles up on the input count and provides a pair of channels that, in contrast to the Source Tube Preamp, have been designed to be as neutral and transparent as possible. Rotary gain controls are provided for each channel, alongside input source selection, phantom power, polarity, pad and (fixed) high-pass filter toggle switches. 

On this model the bulk of the connectivity is provided on the rear panel, with XLRs offering a microphone input and line-level output and a TS socket providing a Hi‑Z Link output. As with the Source Tube Preamp, instruments can be connected via a front-panel TS jack socket. 

Bull Pre

Sabria Audio Bull Pre mic line instrument preamp DI box

Rounding off the current collection is the Bull Pre, a rugged unit constructed from steel and aluminium that combines a mic and instrument preamp with a DI box. It shares many features with the Dual Pre, boasting phantom power, a -20dB pad, polarity reversal, a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter, and the same Hi-Z Link connectivity. 

Studio Packs

Both the Source Tube Preamp and Dual Pre can also be purchased as a Studio Pack, which bundles together a pair of units with rackmount ears and offers a cost saving over buying two units individually. The company also manufacture a range of hardware for those wishing to rackmount single units.

Pricing & Availability

Sabria Audio’s preamps are available to order now, with prices as follows:

  • Source Tube Preamp: €990
  • Dual Pre: €1150
  • Bull Pre: €650
  • Source Studio Pack: €1750
  • Dual Studio Pack: €2150

More information can be found on the Sabria Audio website.

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