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Modal SKULPT & CRAFTsynth 2.0 - Superbooth 2019

Video report

Shown at Superbooth for the first time, the SKULPT puts a lot of synth power into a small box and provides four true polyphonic voices of synthesis with sound creation features including Filters, LFOs, EGs, sequencer, arpeggiator and 16-key touch MIDI keyboard and much more all powered by USB or batteries.

Also launched was the CRAFTsynth 2.0 which offers some 40 waveforms to choose from, and with the ability to select and morph between the waveforms in a bank. It includes eight oscillator banks covering Virtual Analogue, Digital and Generative waves. Plus 3 x EGs, 2 x LFOs, 8-key touch MIDI keyboard and arpeggiator. And, it's also powered by USB or batteries.
Audio demo at 5:02

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