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Motas-6 monophonic analogue synthesizer

Powerful synth from new British designer

Motas-6 analogue synthesizerMotas-6 analogue synthesizer

Motas Electronics have designed the Motas-6 — a fully-featured monophonic analogue synthesizer with powerful digital control and a super-flexible independent modulation architecture.

The Motas-6 has lots of modulation possibilities with every rotary knob parameter having its own powerful EG and LFO as well as individual amount settings from several global modulation sources. This clever design approach makes for a total of 37 EGs and 37 LFOs. And, if that’s not enough, each LFO has 50 waveforms to choose from including sine, square, ramp through to noise, pulses, bursts, complex shapes and pitched/sequence-style shapes. And, the four global LFOs can sync to internal, MIDI or CV/gate clock.

There are three analogue voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs, not DCOs or NCOs) with oscillator sync and analogue phase modulation options giving a very rich and natural sound, say its makers. Plus, each oscillator has independent tracking options (when multiple notes are played) for flexible paraphonic playing capability.

Motas-6 sports three very powerful filtering options. Low-pass filter 1 is a 6-pole VCF with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation. Low-pass filter 2 is a 4-pole filter with resonance and there’s a high-pass 2-pole design too. These three independent analogue filters can be chained in various ways and outputs mixed to the final VCA for powerful dynamic sound shaping.

When it comes to live performance, there are five instant-access patches available at any time for quick changes, plus onboard storage space to save 500 patches. The Motas-6 also has a built-in arpeggiator that can be synced to internal or external clock (MIDI or CV/gate) and has a built-in pattern sequencer.

And finally, as with most synths these days, the hardware comes with free control software which runs as a standalone or VST/AU plugin.

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