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NAMM 2016 : Burl Audio B16 Mothership (Video)

2U AD/AD and clocking master device.

Press Release: Burl Audio is proud to announce the release of the B16 Mothership, a 2U, 2-slot version of the revolutionary B80 Mothership, Burl Audio’s signature product. Simply put, the B80 Mothership has redefined digital recording, and now the legendary sound can be found in a smaller, more portable B16 Mothership. Utilizing technology developed for the B80, the new B16 Mothership uses the exact same I/O cards as the B80 Mothership, continuing Burl Audio’s deep dedication to analog class-A circuitry.  The result is not only heard, it is felt. The Mothership stands out from every other interface on the market not because it is colored, but because it does not sterilize the source.

Using a card based system, and a heavy-duty 2U chassis, the B16 Mothership employs 2 daughter card slots with an internal power supply and your choice of Motherboard for Digilink, MADI, Dante or our new SoundGrid connectivity. For anyone who has yearned for a Mothership in a smaller format, this is a dream come true. A typical setup is a 4 in, 8 out system, but it can also be configured as an 8 input tracking system, or a 16-output portable mix rig. If needed, you can also use either the BAES4 card with 4 channels of AES in and out per card, or the BCLK card, which distributes 8 word clock outputs per card. 

Burl Audio is also introducing the BAES4 daughter card for the B80 Mothership, offering 4 channels of AES I/O per card to the revolutionary sound of the B80 Mothership. The BAES4 card works along side the existing Motherboard (Digilink, MADI or Dante) so you can run 4 channels of AES in and out in conjunction with the primary connection to your DAW. 

Now, with the BAES4 card installed in a 24x24 Mothership, you can run your mix from a console or mix bus back into a B2 Bomber ADC, connected to the Mothership directly through the BAES4 card. 

Lastly, Waves Audio, a leading provider of digital signal processing solutions, and Burl Audio will be joining forces to include Waves SoundGrid® technology in the Burl Audio B80 Mothership.

Rich Williams, President of Burl Audio comments, “Burl Audio is pleased to announce that they will be offering a new Motherboard option for the B80 Mothership that will be Waves SoundGrid compatible, the BMB4. As audio over IP is certainly the way of the future for interconnect between all audio devices, Burl Audio is very excited to adopt this new technology.”

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