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NAMM 2016: Stomplight Professional

Footpedal-controlled stage lighting system for musicians.

A new Californian startup wants to help performers handle their own stage lighting. Funded through Kickstarter, the Stomplight is a compact, stompbox-style lighting rig designed for musicians and DJs. 

The clamshell-style Stomplight opens in front of the performer to shine an array of super bright LEDs up at them, with three footswitches and two knobs – for rate/brightness and sensitivity — by way of control. Using the switches, you can turn the Stomplight on and off, change the colour of the LEDs and cycle through a range of patterns and modes, including one that uses the built-in mic to sync the lights to the performance. Future plans including wireless connectivity to control larger lighting arrays directly from the stage and remote control from a smartphone app.

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