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Neve launch USB/ADAT option for 1073OPX

Provides preamp with new USB and ADAT modes

Neve USB/ADAT 1073OPX preamp expansion card interface standalone

Neve have announced the release of the 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card, an expansion card that adds digital connectivity to their eight-channel remote-controllable  preamp unit.

The new card can be fitted into any 1073OPX manufactured after October 2020, and offers two possible modes of operation. a USB/ADAT Hub mode allows the preamp to function as an expandable USB audio interface, allowing the connection of up to 16 inputs and 10 outputs using a single USB connection. a second ADAT Standalone mode then allows the device to be used to expand any ADAT-equipped audio interface, offering eight channels of Neve 1073 inputs as well as providing an additional stereo output.

We reviewed the 1073OPX in the August 2020 issue of SOS, click here to check it out.

Pricing & Availability

The 1073OPX USB/ADAT Card is available now, priced at $795£645 including VAT. a 1073OPX bundled with the card is priced at $4395£3495 including VAT.

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