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Neve announce 1073SPX-D interface

Combines iconic pre and EQ with USB interface

Neve 1073SPX‑D analogue outboard channel strip ADAT USB interface

The latest addition to Neve’s product range combines their legendary 1073 preamp with 192kHz/24-bit A-D and D-A conversion, offering an all-in-one audio interface that promises to deliver unparalleled sonic character. Along with its classic preamp and EQ design, the 1073SPX‑D also includes balanced inserts, a powerful headphone amp, ADAT expandability and more.

The new unit retains the classic 1073 look, with the unmistakable red gain switch followed a fixed low-band gain control and a pair of dual-concentric pots handling the mid and high bands’ frequency and gain parameters. A stepped switch followed, offering high-pass filter frequencies of 50, 80, 160 and 300 Hz. A selection of buttons then offer functions such as input switching, polarity, phantom power, EQ bypass and pad controls. Mic, line-level or instrument sources can be connected directly to the front panel thanks to an XLR/TRS combo socket.

Neve 1073SPX‑D analogue outboard channel strip ADAT USB interfaceThe 1073SPX‑D combines a 1073 channel strip with a high-quality audio interface.

New to the front panel are a number of controls dedicated to the interface functionality, with a level control for the rear-panel outputs joined by a Blend control that makes it possible to mix between the direct signal and DAW audio, as well as a dedicated level control for the built-in headphone amplifier, the input of which can be fed from several different sources. As well as simply combining a 1073 with an audio interface, the new device has some other tricks up its sleeve, too: some internal routing make it possible to use the channel strip as a hardware insert in a DAW, and a pair of balanced inserts allow users to hook up additional analogue gear.

Neve 1073SPX‑D analogue outboard channel strip ADAT USB interfaceThe 1073SPX‑D also offers balanced insert points and ADAT expandability.

The rear panel offers a comprehensive selection of I/O. A selection of XLR connectors offer mic and line inputs along with stereo monitor in and out connections and a line-level output, while the balanced inserts are provided by a pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets. A BNC Word Clock input is joined by a USB-B socket for the interface connectivity, and a pair of Toslink connectors offer ADAT expandability in both directions. Lastly, power is delivered to a five-pin XLR from an external supply.

"The 1073SPX‑D is a natural evolution of our analogue and digital circuit designs. After extensive research, it became clear that there was no single device that can handle both the analogue processing and digital conversion capabilities that the 1073SPX‑D now offers in a single rackmount unit. Now, small home studio setups, or artists on the road can access the famed 1073 sound directly from their desktop or laptop computer, without the need for additional equipment.  When our team began development of the 1073SPX‑D, a no-compromise approach to circuit design was applied throughout, ensuring that the 1073SPX‑D remains true to the Neve name, and delivers the sound quality that our customers demand.” - Robin Porter, Chief Engineer, AMS Neve

There will be a full in-depth review of the interface in May 2024's editions of Sound On Sound. Link available after 18th April.

Pricing & Availability

The 1073SPX‑D is available now, priced at $2995£2754 including VAT.

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