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New 16 input audio interface from Roland

Flagship hardware boasts 12 mic preamps

Flagship 16 x 10 USB 2.0 interfaceRoland STUDIO-CAPTURE audio interfaceRoland have today announced a new flagship audio interface in the form of the STUDIO-CAPTURE. Of particular note, the unit features the same 'AUTO-SENS' technology as its smaller siblings, the OCTA-CAPTURE and QUAD-CAPTURE, which automatically sets input levels. 

STUDIO-CAPTURE should retail for $940.

Here's a product video and press release from Roland. See product website for more information.

Press Release:

STUDIO-CAPTURE is a high-performance USB 2.0 audio interface for studio and mobile production. With 16 audio inputs, 12 premium-grade mic preamps (a first for a compact USB audio interface) and 10 audio outputs, the STUDIO-CAPTURE provides extensive connection capabilities for professional production needs – and will fit easily into a travel bag.

You also get 24-bit/192 kHz audio quality, comprehensive front-panel metering, XLR monitor outputs with dedicated level control, dual headphone outputs, rock-solid drivers with VS STREAMING technology, and much more.

Durable, portable, and capable of handling large-scale recording projects in the studio and on the road, STUDIO-CAPTURE is the perfect audio interface for the modern musician.

  • High-performance USB 2.0 audio interface for studio and mobile production
  • 16 audio inputs (including 12 premium mic VS PREAMPS) and 10 audio outputs
  • VS STREAMING delivers ultra-stable, low-latency driver performance for Windows and Mac
  • AUTO-SENS intelligently sets optimal input levels for all preamps
  • Individual input/output meters and input channel buttons
  • Four independent, software-controlled monitor mixes
  • XLR monitor out, direct monitor, and dual headphone outputs with independent front-panel level knobs
  • Coaxial digital I/O; MIDI I/O with FPT (Fast Processing Technology)
  • Expand your I/O by using two STUDIO-CAPTUREs together, both controlled with a single driver
  • 2U rackmount ears included

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