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New compressor from FMR Audio

Introducing the Really Nice Levelling Amplifier

FMR Audio, creators of the Really Nice Compressor (read review) and Really Nice Mic Pre (read review), have added a third product to their range — the Really Nice Levelling Amplifier.

The Really Nice Levelling Amplifier, or  RNLA7239, like the Really Nice Compressor, is a stereo compressor, but while the RNC is designed to provide neutral, transparent compression, the RNLA is deliberately designed to colour the signal.

The sound of the RNLA is described as 'thick and gooey' and FMR Audio say it works well with vocals, bass, acoustic guitar and stereo mixes. And while it might alter the character of the signal, that's not to say that there's any loss in fidelity — the RNLA has very low distortion figures and a dynamic range of 117dB.

The USA-made unit has controls for threshold, ratio, attack time and release time (both of which go up to 11!) and output level, an eight-segment LED gain reduction meter and bypass and 'Log Rel' switches. The latter switches the release envelope from linear to logarithmic mode, where the greater the amount of gain reduction, the faster the release time.

The RNLA has unbalanced inputs and balanced outputs, however the inputs are on TRS jacks and allow both input and output to be connected to a console insert point using a single TRS lead. There's also a TRS sidechain input. The unit is powered by a wallwart mains adaptor.

The Really Nice Levelling amplifier is available now and costs £229.

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