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Noiiz offers unlimited samples/presets with cloud-synced plug-in

Subscription service gives access to $10,000 of samples for 9.99 per month

Noiiz — a new cloud-based subscription platform for music producers — has now launched. The service will offer subscribers unlimited access to a vast library of royalty-free samples worth over $10k from providers including Samplephonics. It also includes a cloud-connected plug-in that allows users to audition sounds on Noiiz right from within their music project. 

Noiiz have also drastically reduced their pricing, with an Unlimited Yearly plan now available for $99 per year (download service from $199) and a 1GB Monthly plan for $9.99 per month (down from $39.99).

Any changes on the Noiiz website are reflected in the plug-in and vice-versa. Users can choose to use the website to browse and download packs, playlists or individual sounds, or use the plug-in to access all the same features right from their project and audition sounds in time and in key with their music.

Noiiz are a new company spun out of UK sample library developers, Samplephonics Ltd. The Noiiz platform offers access to Samplephonics' entire library, plus a number of other developers and producers, known as 'Creators', with more being added to the platform continuously. Like Netflix, Noiiz plans to add more third party Creators as well as introduce a new series of Noiiz Original Content. This approach to content generation is an interesting development, and the creators of Noiiz say that this enables a huge, diverse and rapidly growing library of content, and also empowers musicians and producers wanting to earn a living doing what they love - creating sound.

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