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Overloud and ILIO unveil TH-U Made In Rock series

Virtual amp collection honouring rock history

TH-U Made In Rock Overloud/ILIO collection

ILIO, a leading distributor of virtual instruments and audio processing software, in conjunction with audio plug-in developer Overloud, have unveiled the TH-U Made In Rock series. This innovative virtual amp collection pays tribute to rock history, powered by Overloud's cutting-edge Fluid Capturing technology. The series meticulously replicates the actual amps instrumental in shaping rock history, with the first three products modelled on amps used by Noel Gallagher, Ian Hill, and Jimmy Page in classic recordings. 

These models are crafted using Overloud's "schematic-assisted capturing" innovation, a fusion of modelling and capturing techniques, enabling users to explore the variable nuances of each knob and circuit on these iconic amps.

The TH-U Made In Rock Series is a collaboration with the Made In Rock Cultural Association in Italy, a curator of an extensive collection of musical instruments and memorabilia once owned by legendary rock artists. The association's mission is to preserve these historical artifacts and share their knowledge with younger generations. Leveraging Overloud's Fluid Capturing, the most advanced capturing technology, Made In Rock achieves precise sound preservation, capturing and replicating every tonal and emotional detail of the amplifiers in their collection.

The TH-U Made In Rock Series includes the Jim P, JUP 320, and NG30 models. Each plugin is both a TH-U expansion pack and a standalone plugin, offering users the flexibility to expand an existing TH-U installation or purchase a self-contained pack with all TH-U editing features.

To celebrate the launch of TH-U Made In Rock, the first three amps are available at an introductory promo price of $29 each or $69 for the bundle, until 22nd February 2024.

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