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Delve into Omnisphere with new ILIO video series

Seven Days Of Sound Design covers a range of synthetic sounds

US software distributors ILIO have released a new video series titled Seven Days Of Sound Design, which aims to help you get the most out of Spectrasonics' highly regarded Omnisphere soft synth.

The programme started on the 4th June and is set to continue until the 10th, with a new instructional video being posted online each day. Individually, the videos are aimed at programming specific types of sounds, with title subjects including Huge Pad, Noise Riser, Analog Poly Synth and Synth Bell, but together ILIO hope they'll give you a deeper understanding of what can be a remarkably complex and adaptable synthesizer.

The project has been put together by sound designer Mike Babbitt, aka MIDIhead, and although he uses Omnisphere throughout, he's also keen to stress that the series will be relevant to users of all kinds of synth.

Viewers who do own Omnisphere will get a little something extra, however: each video will be accompanied by a downloadable Omnisphere patch, so you can load the sound up and play with it yourself.

Click below to see the Seven Days Of Sound Design YouTube playlist.

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