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Hit'n'Mix Infinity updated to 4.7

New version brings more interface and workflow improvements

The updates for Hit'n'Mix's groundbreaking un-mixing software Infinity are coming thick and fast. Only a few months since they announced version 4.5 (itself a major update; click here to read our news story about it), the company have developed their 'spectral resynthesis' app further, to version 4.7

Among the new features are a completely revamped user interface, which offers an improved sound palette, enhanced drawing facilities, tools for editing unpitched sounds, a note editor and a chord creator, all accessed via a new integrated toolbar. Indeed, editing is said to be more intuitive across the board, while Infinity's ripping and processing functionality, we're told, has also been much improved.

Finally, v4.7 introduces a new Layers Panel, which lets you layer and combine multiple sounds and instruments.

In our original review of Infinity at the beginning of this year, we lauded the power and flexibility that its spectral approach to sound editing offered, with our only real criticisms stemming from a slightly unintuitive workflow. With the scale and quantity of UI improvements they've made since then, however, now might be an excellent time to check out Infinity again.

Click the link below to see it in action.

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