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Free Orchestra from ProjectSAM

New instrument works with free Kontakt Player

Orchestral sampling giants ProjectSAM have released a new software instrument — for free. The aptly named Free Orchestra comprises a full gigabyte of cinematic orchestral sounds, all derived from their premium instruments, such as those found in their Symphobia and True Strike series. It contains 15 presets (including three that have never been heard before), and ranges, in their words, “from orchestral string staccatos and brass clusters to symphonic percussion and dystopian sound design.”

Unlike their previous free instruments, which required one of the paid-for versions of Kontakt, the Free Orchestra works with the cut-down (but also free) Kontakt Player, so there's no need at all to get the credit card out. You can hear the Free Orchestra in action at the video above, or follow the link below to download and install it yourself.

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