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Mega Milton Eurorack module from ALM/Busy Circuits

Line inputs, gated slew limiter & more

ALM Busy Circuits Mega Milton Eurorack mixer splitter attenuator line input module

ALM/Busy Circuits’ latest module is described as a “smorgasbord of handy all-analogue utilities”, and promises to greatly extend the functionality of a Eurorack system whilst occupying just 8HP of space.

Mega Milton comes equipped with a stereo input capable of converting external line-level audio sources into Eurorack-friendly signals, along with a fixed-level four-input mixer fitted with a breakout attenuator for combining signals. There’s a gated slew limiter that can be used to add slides to sequences, and a sample and hold section with analogue white noise that can tackle everything from creating generative melodies to producing percussive textures. Lastly, the module includes a buffered mult that offers droop-free signal distribution with LED indicators to monitor its behaviour.

All of Mega Milton’s sections are normalised to assist with tasks such as generating random CV from the sample & hold section, obtaining a smooth random source from the slew output and breaking out a standalone attenuator from the fourth mixer input.

Pricing & Availability

Mega Milton is available now, priced at $199.

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