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Moog release Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro

Play a Moog synth in mixed reality environment

Moog Animoog Galaxy Apple Vision Pro virtual mixed reality software synthesizer

The latest software release from Moog provides users of Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset with a virtual synthesizer playing experience. Powered by the company’s Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), Animoog Galaxy makes it possible to play and modulate sounds with a range of physical gestures, and comes complete with a futuristic user interface inspired by sci-fi imagery.

The application features a fully featured synthesis engine that delivers a wide range of sounds, and can be played via a keyboard that has been designed specifically to respond to Vision Pro’s gestures. Corrective algorithms help to ensure that users stay perfectly in tune, although they can be disabled for those who’d prefer to “explore the spaces between the notes”! There’s also a built-in step sequencer, and an audio recording function that makes it possible to loop and layer sounds to build up larger compositions. Traditional control functionalities haven’t been left out, with MIDI and MPE support making it possible to play Animoog Galaxy from a MIDI controller, or use its expressive virtual keyboard to play other instruments.

Those wishing to dig deeper can expand the software’s side panel, which reveals all of the types of control you’d expect to be present in a soft synth. DAHDSR envelope generators are provided for the instrument’s Amp, Filter, and Mod sections, each equipped with loop and sync functionality, along with three independent LFOs kitted out with continuously variable wave shapes, phase offset, delayed start, sync and support for up to eight repeats. There’s a flexible 10-lane modulation matrix, too, as well as a collection of effects that include delay, unison, bitcrushing, drive and filter processors.


Animoog Galaxy has been designed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro platform.

Pricing & Availability

Animoog Galaxy is available now, priced at $29.99.

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