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Moog announce Spectravox

Latest semi-modular instrument offers vocoder-like design

Moog Spectravox analogue synthesizer vocoder Eurorack semi-modular

The latest addition to Moog’s range of compact semi-modular instruments has arrived, offering a blend of classic and cutting-edge features. Combining the functionality of a synthesizer and a vocoder, Spectravox is capable of producing an array of interesting sounds, and can be played either as a standalone instrument or form part of a larger Eurorack modular setup. 

The instrument, which originally appeared as a prototype at Moogfest in 2019, revolves around a 10-band filter bank that has been teamed up with an analogue oscillator and a dynamic white noise generator, and promises to provide experimental sound designers with everything from lively drones to colourful tonal sweeps. As well as generating its own range of sounds, Spectravox features an XLR/TRS program input that allows users to incorporate external instruments and voices. A secondary filter bank analyses the spectral content of incoming audio, and allows users to imprint its timbral characteristic onto the internal sounds. 

“Spectravox enhances Moog’s modular synthesis legacy by integrating a sophisticated vocoder alongside powerful analogue synthesis capabilities. This instrument is designed to give musicians comprehensive control over their sound, enabling detailed texture shaping and a broad spectrum of sonic experimentation.” - Max Ravitz, Product Strategist, Moog Music

As with the likes of the Mother-32, Subharmonicon and DFAM, Spectravox occupies a 60HP chassis and sports a decidedly Moog-like top panel design. Its semi-modular design means that users can begin playing without patching required, but more in-depth sound design can be pursued using a collection of 3.5mm patch points, which facilitate both internal and external routing options. The most obvious companions are of course the aforementioned collection of existing semi-modular Moogs, but thanks to its Eurorack form factor, it can be housed happily alongside a huge collection of other modules and instruments. 

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the Spectravox is yet to be confirmed.

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