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ALM/Busy Circuits

ALM Busy Circuits Cizzle dual phase distortion Casio CZ series Eurorack VCO

Cizzle VCO module from ALM/Busy Circuits

The latest ALM/Busy Circuits module delivers a pair of oscillators that aim to bring the sound of Casio’s CZ-series synthesizers into the modular world.

ALM Busy Circuits Motto Akemie six-voice FM drum synthesizer sequencer DAW plug-in

ALM/Busy Circuits announce Motto Akemie

Modular synth experts ALM/Busy Circuits have taken a leap into the world of software with Motto Akemie, a six-voice FM drum synth and step sequencer plug-in.

ALM / Busy Circuits pop-up shop Eurorack modular synthesizer demo buy Kings Cross London

ALM / Busy Circuits pop-up shop

ALM / Busy Circuits have announced that they will be opening their first ever pop-up shop at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London.

ALM/Busy Circuits Pamela's PRO Workout clocked modulation Eurorack module modular synthesis sequencer CV

Pamela’s PRO Workout from ALM/Busy Circuits

ALM/Busy Circuits are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their Pamela's Workout clock and function generator module with a new version equipped with new wave shapes, more CV inputs, and improved visual feedback. 


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