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ALM/Busy Circuits’ Pamela’s PRO Workout goes virtual

Company announce latest VCV Rack module

ALM/Busy Circuits VCV Pamela's PRO Workout virtual Eurorack software modular synth

ALM/Busy Circuits have announced that another of their popular Eurorack modules is now available in virtual form for the VCV Rack software platform. VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout boasts all of the clocking and modulation capabilities of its hardware counterpart, allowing users to add some powerful tools to their virtual setup, or audition the module’s feature set before purchasing the physical version.

The plug-in runs the same user interface code as the Eurorack module, and offers eight outputs that can produce a variety of CV signals which are all correlated and sync’ed to a BPM-based master clock. Each output can be configured to produce anything from a simple clocked trigger to complex rhythmic waveforms, quantised melodic patterns or “random chaos”! It also includes the AXON-2 CV expander, along with the additional benefits of keyboard and mouse control shortcuts, and being able to run multiple instances.

Alongside the launch, the company have also released MCO and Pip Slope MkII, a pair of free VCV modules.

Pricing & Availability

VCV Pamela’s PRO Workout is available now, priced at $20.

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