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Cizzle VCO module from ALM/Busy Circuits

Inspired by Casio’s classic CZ synthesizers

ALM Busy Circuits Cizzle dual phase distortion Casio CZ series Eurorack VCO

The latest addition to ALM/Busy Circuits' ever-expanding collection of Eurorack modules delivers a pair of oscillators that aim to bring the sound of Casio’s CZ-series synthesizers into the modular world. Described as a dual phase distortion VCO, Cizzle incorporates all of the key design elements behind the CZ sound, along with some useful modulation features.

The module offers primary and secondary oscillator layering and detuning options, along with a voltage-controlled chord mode with inversion that offers up to eight voices. Oscillator a is equipped with nine phase-distortion algorithms that offer both direct and CV control options, while Oscillator B features a unique CZ resonance waveform and multiple modes based on CZ synthesis. There’s also an ‘end-of-chain’ ring modulation function and noise modes which the company say are key to recreating the CZ sound.

Cizzle’s voices feature built-in VCAs and include a selection of modulation controls and inputs, and each oscillator can either be routed individually via its own dedicated output, or mixed together and processed with a stereo widening effect.

Key Specs

  • Current draw: +12V 65mA / -12V 25mA
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 32mm

Pricing & Availability

Cizzle is available to order now, priced at $349.99£299 including VAT.

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