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ALM/Busy Circuits reveal the MFX Pedal

Popular Eurorack MFX module in a standalone pedal format

ALM Busy Circuits MFX Pedal

ALM/Busy Circuits have revealed the MFX Pedal, a standalone stereo multi-effects processor designed to cater to both guitarists and synthesizer players. The MFX Pedal brings the acclaimed effects and functionality of ALM/Busy Circuits' popular Eurorack MFX module into a standalone format.

Drawing inspiration from classic hardware effects processors, the MFX Pedal incorporates a spectrum of digital technologies from the origins of digital effects in the 1970s through to contemporary innovations. With 18 effects programs onboard, users can reshape their sounds with distortion and dynamics engines, manipulate time and space with rich reverb and delay engines, modulate signals with versatile panning, frequency shifting, ensemble effects and experiment with unique granular and glitch engines.

The MFX Pedal features an intuitive user interface, designed to provide quick and easy access to a wide range of controllable parameters. Each program includes factory presets, alongside the ability to store and recall user presets.

This move to create an effects pedal marks ALM/Busy Circuits' first foray away from modular, opening up opportunities for guitarists, synth enthusiasts and producers to make the most of the character and versatility of ALM effects.

Key features of the MFX Pedal include compatibility with guitars, line-level instruments, and professional-grade gear, an optional analogue gain stage (+10dB) for low-level signals, selectable True Bypass and buffered DSP bypass with footswitch control and LED indication, stereo I/O paths with high-quality Neutrik jacks, tap tempo and footswitch triggering, DIN MIDI input for MIDI beat clock synchronisation and MIDI CC control, preset saving capability, USB-C connectivity for easy firmware updates, and a robust and lightweight black anodised aluminum enclosure, all proudly made in England with a commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Price & Availability

The MFX Pedal is available now, priced at £319 (including VAT).

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