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Oberheim TEO-5 polysynth released at Superbooth

A compact yet powerful five-voice synthesizer

Oberheim TEO-5

Oberheim have proudly announced their new TEO-5 polysynth at Superbooth 2024. Bearing the initials of company founder Thomas Elroy Oberheim (TEO), this compact synthesizer has been designed to offer a perfect blend of classic analogue warmth and modern versatility.

I’m so proud to be able to make a synth like this… compact and affordable, the Oberheim sound for 2024.” - Tom Oberheim, company founder

The TEO-5 features a five-voice architecture with genuine analogue VCOs and VCFs, aiming to capture the distinctive warmth and depth for which Oberheim are known. Two VCOs with selectable saw, square/pulse, triangle and noise modes can be set to hard sync and X-Mod, as well as combined in an enhanced unison mode which allows from one to five of the voices to be stacked together.

With innovations like through-zero Frequency Modulation (FM) and an updated oscillator X-Mod function, the TEO-5 offers musicians an opportunity to explore new sounds while retaining the classic Oberheim character. The TEO-5 features settings for polyphonic portamento, as well as a Vintage knob which can dial in vintage synth characteristics by adding voice-to voice variations in component behavior. Another standout feature is the revival of the legendary Oberheim SEM filter, which offers users variable low-pass to high-pass configurations as well as selectable band-pass modes.

The TEO-5 is equipped with a suite of LFOs and digital effects processors, including classic chorus, delay, reverb, and faithful emulations of Oberheim's revered Ring Mod and Phasor effects. The synth includes a comprehensive modulation matrix with 19 slots, 19 sources and 64 destinations allowing for deep and flexible patch routing. A 64-step polyphonic sequencer and multimode arpeggiator further the TEO-5's versatility, and a velocity- and touch-sensitive Fatar keybed spanning three and a half octaves has been included for a responsive and articulate playing experience.

Oberheim TEO-5 Top

Price & Availability

The Oberheim TEO-5 is available now, priced at £1499$1499.

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