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Fiedler Audio Mastering Console application

Simplifies the process of mastering Atmos mixes

Fiedler Audio Mastering Console Dolby Atmos loudness measurement export re-renders

Fiedler Audio have announced the release of Mastering Console, a standalone application that combines the capabilities of their Dolby Atmos Composer software with dedicated tools aimed at mastering and loudness measurement.

Fiedler Audio Mastering Console Dolby Atmos loudness measurement export re-rendersMastering Console offers comprehensive routing and monitoring facilities for Atmos channel layouts up to 9.1.6.The software has been designed to provide users with an all-in-one solution to mastering and delivering ADM/BWF files, and allows them to approach the task in the same way they would a stereo master. It is capable of quickly measuring the loudness of an entire mix, and offers a one-knob control that makes it simple to adjust the output to fall in line with the requirements of different distribution services, while Downmix, Trim and Balance settings provide in-depth control over how the mix translates across different playback systems.

What’s more, the company’s Gravitas MDS compressor can be inserted directly into the master section, providing 128 channels of detailed dynamics control across the mix (a separate license for the plug-in is required).

Mastering Console supports 48 and 96 kHz files and is capable of accommodating channel layouts up to 9.1.6, as well as providing binaural monitoring with personalised HRTF support. Comprehensive routing and monitoring facilities are provided, and a wealth of built-in calibration features including per-speaker volumes, delay times and EQ curves. 

As with Dolby Atmos Composer, Mastering Console is fully approved and certified by Dolby. 

Pricing & Availability

Mastering Console is available now, priced at $€99. Those who already own the full version of Dolby Atmos Composer can download Mastering Console for free. Fiedler Audio are running the following selection of pricing offers until 8 July 2024:

  • Mastering Console and gravitas MDS: $199 (usually $349)
  • Dolby Atmos Composer: $149 (usually $249)
  • Dolby Atmos Composer and gravitas MDS bundle: $279 (usually $499)
  • gravitas MDS: $199 (usually $349)

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