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RME announce M-1620 Pro & HDSPe AoX

Latest A-D / D-A converters announced

RME M-1620 Pro analogue MADI ADAT Dante Milan AVB AD DA converter

RME have announced the upcoming launch of the M-1620 Pro Series and HDSPe AoX Series. Expected to be shipping later in 2024, the releases will add two new 16-channel A-D/D-A converter options and a pair of PCIe-based soundcards to the company’s pro-audio range. 

M-1620 Pro

The new M-1620 Pro Series comprises a pair of 1U rackmount units that come loaded with 16 channels of analogue line-level I/O (provided on DB25 connectors) paired with ADAT and MADI digital connectivity, along with a choice of AoIP (Audio Over IP) options. A newly designed front panel combines LED level meters with a display screen and control encoder, and also hosts a pair of independent stereo headphone outputs for convenient monitoring. 

RME are famed for the reliability of their gear, so it’s no surprise to see the M-1620 Pro equipped with built-in redundancy features such as dual network and MADI connections and a monitored DC power input in addition to the main internal AC supply. Users will be clearly warned of any issues as the device switches over to its backup connections and continues to operate seamlessly. The units will also function as standalone devices, with users able to adjust all settings directly from the front panel, as well as saving and recalling configuration presets. 

The unit will be available in two versions: the M-1620 Pro, which will offer Milan and AVB connectivity, and the Dante-equipped M-1620 Pro D. The M-1620 Pro is capable of transmitting and receiving up to 128 channels at 48 kHz (96 at 96 kHz, 64 at 192 kHz) with precise, fixed latency across a deterministic network, and is compatible with the new Milan Manager software. The M-1620 Pro D, meanwhile, offers 64 channels of Dante connectivity and, if redundancy isn’t required, is capable of acting as an ethernet switch to enable daisy-chaining of multiple Dante devices. 


RME HDSPe AoX PCIe x4 digital audio interface soundcard MADI Dante Milan

The company’s latest PCIe cards promise to set a new milestone for high-performance interfaces, offering 512 x 512 channel Dante and 128 x 128 Milan solutions that occupy a single PCIe x4 slot — both versions are compatible with external Thunderbolt enclosures for those working on laptops or desktop machines with no PCIe slots available. 

The cards’ interface is capable of transmitting and receiving up to 512 channels on two separate gigabit Ethernet connections, and the network audio channels can be replaced (or extended, in the case of the Milan version) with MADI signals by adding up to two optional dual-optical SFP or dual-coaxial extension cards. This makes it possible to integrate four MADI input signals, four MADI output signals and up to 256 network audio channels in each direction within a single audio interface for the first time. Alongside the huge digital I/O count, the card also features a built-in headphone output. 

Configuration of the vast channel count is carried out using the driver software, which includes a routing matrix that establishes connections between the hardware and software I/O. Up to 256 channels can be routed to RME’s renowned TotalMix software, while the remaining channels can be assigned directly to a DAW. 

Higher sampling rates are supported with reduced channel counts: half at 96kHz and a quarter at 192 kHz, with the exception of the Milan version which supports 128 channels at 96kHz and 64 channels at 192 kHz.

Pricing & Availability

The M-1620 Pro and HDSPe AoX are expected to ship in Q3 2024, with pricing as follows:The M-1620 Pro and HDSPe AoX are expected to ship in Q3 2024, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

  • M-1620 Pro: £2608 including VAT
  • M-1620 Pro D: £2956 including VAT
  • HDSPe AoX-M: £1217 including VAT
  • HDSPe AoX-D: £1565 including VAT

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