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Synchro Arts VocAlign 6 has arrived

New SmartPitch function & upcoming Pro Tools ARA support

Synchro Arts VocAlign 6 Standard Pro vocal-production alignment plug-in

The latest version of Synchro Arts’ vocal-production plug-in has arrived, boasting an improved interface, new SmartPitch functionality, group processing, improved sync points and more. Alongside the new and improved features, VocAlign 6 also replaces the previous Project and Ultra versions with new Standard and Pro variants. 


The software still centres around the SmartAlign function, which makes quick work of lining up multiple vocal parts and offers a set of tools that make it possible to define how tightly the parts are pulled into place. Both Standard and Pro benefit from a refined user interface design that offers a new dark colour scheme as well as improved scrolling and zooming functionality and collapsable feature panels. There are also some handy new tools such as built-in undo and redo buttons, and an Arm Capture All function that makes it quicker and easier to capture all tracks in a DAW session. 


While Standard provides users with everything they need to cut down on manual editing time, opting for VocAlign Pro brings a more advanced feature set to the table. A new Process Groups function allows alignment settings to be applied instantly across all vocal layers, while an enhanced sync point algorithm offers improved processing accuracy. Additionally, thanks to SmartPitch, Pro users are also able to apply their guide vocal’s pitch to any other track, eliminating the need to apply pitch-correction processing more than once. The company have also announced that VocAlign 6 will soon offer ARA compatibility with Pro Tools.

Previous Version Review

For those who aren’t familiar with VocAlign, it’s worth taking a look at our review in the February 2021 issue. 


VocAlign 6 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.11 or higher. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available. 

Pricing & Availability

VocAlign 6 is available now, with the Standard variant priced at $149 and Pro costing $349. Upgrade discounts are available for existing VocAlign users.

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