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Synchro Arts unveil Revoice Pro 5

New Shaper tool, SmartPitch feature & more

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 5 vocal pitch-correction time-alignment dialogue editing software

The latest version of Synchro Arts’ flagship vocal editing package has arrived, and comes kitted out with an enhanced set of tools and features that have been designed to perfect every aspect of a vocal or dialogue performance. Revoice Pro 5 benefits from the Shaper tool introduced in RePitch, a new SmartPitch function designed to speed up editing doubles and harmonies, improvements to DAW connectivity and much more.

As with its predecessor, Revoice Pro 5 is a standalone editing package, and combines the pitch-correction capabilities of the company’s RePitch plug-in with the timing adjustment toolset found in VocAlign. In addition to tuning and time-alignment, it can also be used to generate realistic doubling effects, as well as tackle sibilance and apply formant shifting. ARA2 support allows for instant audio transfer to and from compatible DAWs, whilst a Revoice Link plug-in provides compatibility with DAWs that are yet to support the format.

What’s New?

The package promises to deliver the most transparent and advanced pitch-correction tools available, and its functionality has been extended even further with version 5 thanks to a new set of tools and features. The Shaper tool recently introduced to RePitch is now available in Revoice Pro, and will automatically add Control Points that provide detailed, intuitive control over a track’s pitch and level parameters.

Another new addition comes in the form of SmartPitch, which is said to be capable of recognising when to match the pitch of vocal performances, and when not to — Synchro Arts say that it will be a game-changing function for those working with large amounts of doubles or harmonies, as it allows pitch-correction to be applied across entire vocal stacks simultaneously.

The update also brings with it a number of improvements to DAW integration. For non-ARA2 users, an updated Revoice Link plug-in means that it is now possible to audition how processed audio will sound in context with any additional effects or panning and level changes without the need to import and export, and a revised VST plug-in now allows processing to be initiated from the Link plug-in whilst audio is being transferred to Revoice Pro.

We’ve got our hands on the latest version here at SOS, with a full review already in the works. Watch this space!


Revoice Pro 5 is supported on PCs running Windows 10, and Macs running macOS 10.10 or higher. Authorisation is carried out via PACE’s iLok system (users get two activations per license) and the software supports USB key, machine-based or iLok Cloud licensing.

Pricing & Availability

Revoice Pro 5 is available now, and is being offered at an introductory price of $399£277 excluding VAT until 2 January 2024, after which it will be priced at $599£416 excluding VAT. During the same period, owners of Revoice Pro 4 are eligible for a 50% off upgrade discount offer.

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