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Synchro Arts RePitch 1.2 update

New Multi-Region editing mode added

SynchroArts RePitch 1.2 vocal editing pitch-correction plug-in update Multi Region editingARA2 VST3 AU AAX

Synchro Arts have announced the release of the latest update for their pitch-correction plug-in. RePitch 1.2 introduces a range of features that include new editing functionality, enhancements to the user interface and a new local playback engine.

Updates have been made to the plug-in’s macros, snap controls and scale management, and a new Multi-Region editing mode now allows edits to be carried out across multiple audio regions (or clips, events and so on, depending on specific DAW terminology) from within a single instance of RePitch. A Single Region mode is included, allowing only one region to be selected where multiples overlap, and in cases where the track the plug-in is inserted on does not contain multiple regions, the two modes behave identically.

A number of changes have been made to RePitch’s user interface, with a new warning notice appearing before audio is deleted, and undo/redo operations now being carried out more quickly thanks to some performance improvements. A note’s frequency can now be heard by clicking on the note name area, and a note’s allowable state can be toggled from the right click menu using a new Toggle Note option. Screen redraws should now be significantly faster, and the Playhead will exhibit smoother movement.

The new local playback engine introduces a number of new features including audio scrubbing, which can be carried out by dragging the Playback head left and right with the mouse. Users are also now able to jump to the start of a Playback Loop from anywhere in the timeline by holding down Option/Alt, and double-clicking in an empty area of the RePitch window. Additionally, Playback Loops are now supported in AAX and Real-Time VST and AU versions of RePitch.

Other minor changes have also been implemented, with zooming into and out of selected ranges using the Z key now working after carrying out other operations between presses, and improvements to the file management system resulting in the prevention of excessive use of disk space.

We reviewed RePitch in the February 2023 issue of SOS, click here to take a look (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).


RePitch 1.2 is available to download now, and is free for existing users. A new licence for RePitch is priced at $198£139 (or $159£112 for owners of other Synchro Arts products). Prices exclude VAT.

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