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HeadRush Prime modelling processor

New flagship pedalboard system announced

HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard harmony Antares Auto-Tune live studio system

HeadRush have today announced the release of their new flagship multi-effects pedalboard system, the HeadRush Prime. This latest all-in-one system greatly expands on the capabilities of the HeadRush Pedalboard, introducing onboard amp cloning capabilities, a suite of vocal processing tools that include Antares’ Auto-Tune, Bluetooth connectivity and a huge library of built-in amps, cabinets and effects.

Amps, Cabs & Effects

A central seven-inch touchscreen offers intuitive control over the majority of the system’s functions, and is supplemented by four rotary encoders which provide some hands-on control over key parameters. Twelve footswitches with customisable colour LEDs and OLED scribble strips are present, along with a built-in expression pedal. The system is housed within a rugged steel chassis, which has been designed to withstand the demands of a live performance environment.

HeadRush say that Prime takes amp cloning to a whole new level, with the touchscreen interface ensuring that the process is as easy and intuitive as possible. Users are able to plug in their amp or pedal setup, and have the system capture the sound in minutes with on-screen instructions guiding them through the process.

Once a clone has been created, it can be edited directly on the device, paired with a cabinet model and quickly added to any patch. It is also possible to share clones with the online HeadRush community via the company’s cloud-based service using the Prime’s built-in Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to the cloning capability, a library of built-in amp, cabinet and microphone models are provided, including a selection of models from renowned modelling company ReValver. The device also boasts a wide range of onboard effects, and it is also possible to integrate external pedals with the system thanks to a stereo effects loop, with a four-cable mode allowing them to be placed at different points within the device’s signal path. a looper with save and load functionality is included, and also offers MIDI Sync capabilities.

Vocal Effects & Auto-Tune

It isn’t just guitar processing that’s on offer here, however, the HeadRush Prime is also loaded with a selection of vocal processing and effects capabilities, and will accept a microphone signal thanks to an XLR/TRS combo socket placed on the rear panel. a range of reverbs, delays and harmony processors are present, along with a dedicated onboard Auto-Tune processor from pitch-correction experts Antares.


HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard rear panel connections I/O

The Prime’s rear panel is packed with a variety of I/O, with quarter-inch jacks providing an instrument input and an output for connecting the system directly to an amplifier, with a stereo line-level output offered on both XLR and quarter-inch jack connectors. a pair of 3.5mm mini-jacks provide a headphone output and an auxiliary input for a playback device (playback via Bluetooth is also supported), and MIDI connectivity is provided by a pair of five-pin DIN sockets. The unit features an internal universal power supply, and will accept mains power via a standard IEC inlet.

“We want to empower our users to be as creative as possible while still putting the music first. The HeadRush Prime is the most powerful multi-effects pedalboard ever, and we can’t for people to get their hands on it!” - Walter Skorupski, Senior Product Manager, HeadRush

Pricing & Availability

The HeadRush Prime is available now, priced at $1299£999 including VAT / €1249.

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