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HeadRush ReValver 5 amp cabinet simulation software

HeadRush introduce ReValver 5

The latest version of HeadRush’s amp modelling software has arrived, boasting improvements to the ACT cabinet modelling and EQ matching, integration with the company’s hardware pedalboard units and more.

HeadRush Prime guitar vocal multi-effects modelling cloning pedalboard harmony Antares Auto-Tune live studio system

HeadRush Prime modelling processor

HeadRush's new flagship pedalboard system greatly expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, boasting built-in amp cloning, new effects and amp models and onboard Auto-Tune processing courtesy of Antares.  

HeadRush MX5

HeadRush MX5 released

Touchscreen guitar processor combines impulse responses, amp and effects modelling and looper pedal functionality.


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