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HeadRush release compact Gigboard guitar FX box

The Pedalboard brain gets squeezed into a smaller, more portable box

Guitar tech newcomers HeadRush turned, er, heads with their Pedalboard early last year, an all-in-one amp, cabinet, microphone and FX modelling processor with an attractive seven-inch touchscreen for editing patches. Now they’ve managed to squeeze most of that goodness into the more compact Gigboard. Critically, the box itself retains the touchscreen, the quad-core processor and the Eleven HD Expanded DSP software.

It sports four footswitches as opposed to 12 and does away with the integral expression pedal of the Pedalboard, but players who really feel the need for one can plug in their own. The Gigboard’s two TRS main outs can, helpfully, be switched between amp or line level, depending on the backline situation. It’s also geared up for the recording musician with an integrated 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface that can be used for tracking or re-amping. The HeadRush Gigboard is available now costing $649.

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