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ADAM Audio unveil their first headphones 

Monitor makers team up with Ultrasone for SP-5 headphones

Studio monitor stalwarts ADAM Audio have thrown their hat into the headphone ring with their new SP-5. Teaming up with Bavarian headphone makers Ultrasone, ADAM are launching a closed-back design employing Ultrasone’s patented S-LOGIC technology. According to ADAM, this technology improves spatial imaging and also has the effect of requiring lower SPLs at the eardrums (as much as 40% or 3-4dB) for the same perceived level. This feature, along with a comfortable design should reduce fatigue, making those long mixing sessions easier. 

Mirroring ADAM’s ultrasonic ambitions in the monitoring realm, the SP-5s headphones also boast an extended frequency response of 8Hz to 38kHz. Additionally, ADAM Audio speaker technology experts have intentionally voiced the SP-5 to sit comfortably alongside their monitors. We’ve already received our pair in the SOS office so look out for the review soon. They are available now and cost £499$499…

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