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ADAM Audio relaunch Authorised Listening Centre programme

Demo monitors in 120 new stores worldwide

ADAM Audio Authorised Listening Centre studio monitor demo rooms

ADAM Audio have announced that they are relaunching their Authorised Listening Centre programme, with a total of 120 new physical stores worldwide providing customers with the opportunity to test a wide range of ADAM Audio monitors.

Authorised Listening Centres are designed to showcase the latest advancements in the company’s audio technology, and to provide potential customers with the option of hearing their monitors in person before making a decision on which particular model best suits them. ADAM boast an extensive product line-up that offers a huge range of models that will suit everyone from home studio users and audio enthusiasts to large professional recording or broadcast facilities, as well as catering to fixed installations and 3D audio applications.

"Our goal with the relaunch of the Authorised Listening Centre programme is to create dedicated spaces where customers can truly get a first-hand experience of the sound quality of ADAM Audio studio monitors. These listening centres will serve as hubs of audio exploration, allowing customers to listen, test and compare our monitors, in some cases from the T Series to the S Series. Through this programme, we aim to provide an opportunity for our customers to make informed decisions as well as support our retail partners.”

- Christian Hellinger, CEO, ADAM Audio

Check out the link below to find out more about the programme, and find out where your nearest store is located.

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