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Oberheim to launch OB-X8 Desktop

Identical sound engine to keyboard version

Oberheim OB-X8 Desktop analogue synthesizer module vintage OB-X OB-Xa OB-8

Oberheim have announced the upcoming release of the OB-X8 Desktop, a desktop module version of their acclaimed OB-X8 eight-voice synthesizer which was launched in 2022. Boasting an identical sound engine and the same knob-per-function panel as the keyboard version, the module offers nearly all of the features found in its full-sized counterpart whilst occupying a fraction of the space.

With the exception of the keyboard and expression levers, the module packs in all of the synthesis and editing functionality of the OB-X8, and comes loaded with the same collection of presets. The instrument’s all-analogue signal path remains, employing discrete VCOs, VCAs and filters, faithfully recreating the classic sounds of Oberheim’s OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8 synthesizers.

“Bringing back the Oberheim brand has been a joy, and since the introduction of the OB-X8 keyboard in May 2022, we’ve heard an overwhelming desire for a desktop module version catering to those whose free studio space doesn’t quite match their enthusiasm for unique synth sounds.” - David Gibbons, Oberheim CEO

Oberheim OB-X8 Desktop analogue synthesizer module rear panel I/O audio MIDI connections connectorsThe rear panel of the OB-X8 Desktop

The module’s rear panel houses eight quarter-inch TRS sockets, four of which provide left, right and mono audio outputs along with a headphone output, whilst the remaining four offer pedal inputs for control of the instrument’s sustain, volume, filter, and arpeggiator functions. MIDI I/O is provided on three five-pin DIN sockets (In, Out and Thru), as well as via USB. The OB-X8 features a universal internal PSU, and will accept  mains power via a standard IEC inlet.

The module measures 559 x 216 x 102 mm (length x width x height), and weighs 4.34kg.

Pricing & Availability

The OB-X8 Desktop is available to pre-order now, priced at $3500. Units will begin shipping worldwide in June 2023.

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