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Panorama CS12: Logic Pro controller from Nektar

Motorised fader surface with channel strip-style control

Nektar Panorama CS12 Logic Pro X DAW single-fader channel strip control surface

Originally announced at the NAMM Show 2023, the latest addition to Nektar’s Panorama control surface line-up has been designed exclusively for Apple’s Logic Pro DAW. The new Panorama CS12 pairs a single motorised fader and mixer function buttons with a transport section and a set of encoders dedicated to plug-in control.

The unit’s 100mm motorised fader is joined by a dedicated set of controls that provide panning, record arming, solo, mute and select functions for the DAW’s mixer channels, followed by a transport section and dedicated buttons and encoders for controlling key features such as markers, click track and tempo functions, zoom settings and more. Thanks to a quarter-inch TRS socket on the rear panel, it is also possible to connect up to two footswitches in order to gain some additional hands-free control.

The right-hand side of the controller is then occupied by a set of 12 RGB-backlit encoders and four buttons that take care of plug-in control, with a built-in screen offering a visual indication of the parameters assigned to each encoder. A vertical row of buttons allow users to select which inserted plug-in the encoders are mapped to, and it is also possible to use them control send levels within the DAW’s mixer.

The unit will come loaded with predefined settings for all of Logic Pro’s default plug-ins, and users will be able to create custom mapping for third-party plug-ins using the company’s Nektarine software. It will also be possible to set up controls for virtual instruments using SmartControl or Logic Pro’s Learn feature.

Although the controller will only support Logic Pro at launch, Nektart say that they are planning to introduce support for other DAWs with future updates. 

Pricing & Availability

Update 23 Februrary 2024: Nektar have confirmed that the Panorama CS12 is available to order now, priced at $399.99£349.99 including VAT / €399.99.

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