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Hit’n’Mix announce RipX DAW for Apple Vision Pro

Company preview immersive mixed reality DAW

Hit'n'Mix RipX DAW Apple Vision Pro mixed virtual reality music production software stem separation

In November 2023, Hit’n’Mix announced the release of a new DAW which merged their DeepRemix, DeepCreate and DeepAudio packages into an all-in-one editing and mixing solution with their renowned stem separation technology built in. Now, the company have revealed plans for a version that will be compatible with Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset.

Aiming to provide a truly immersive audio production experience, the upcoming software will take full advantage of the Vision Pro platform, allowing users to create and edit audio in a colour-coded 3D space. As with the desktop version of the software, all tracks are displayed at fully editable notes — recorded and separated audio and MIDI parts are all treated and presented in exactly the same way — and it will be possible to interact with them directly by hand using the Vision Pro’s gestures, with different instruments distinguished by distance.

"One of our aims in recent years has been to not only create an AI DAW that simplifies and de-clutters the music making experience, but to also innovate within the fledgling virtual music making space. So, whilst we are delighted that RipX DAW is gaining recognition as the best and only AI DAW of its kind, we are excited to announce that soon, with Apple Vision Pro, RipX DAW will also offer a completely new, interactive, compositional experience, giving users much more freedom to view and create music in their chosen surroundings — all utilising our unique, note-based Rip audio format.” - Martin DAW - CEO, Hit’n’Mix

More About RipX

We covered the key features of RipX DAW in this news story, and you can check out the following Hit’n’Mix software reviews to find out more about their impressive stem separation technology.

Pricing & Availability

Availability information for the Apple Vision Pro version of RipX DAW is yet to be announced. Pricing for the current desktop versions is as follows:

  • RipX DAW: $99£99 including VAT / €114
  • RipX DAW PRO: $198£198 including VAT / €228

Check out the link below to see the new software in action.

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