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Hit’n’Mix update RipX

Improved source separation & guitar-focused features

Hit'n'Mix RipX v6.2 DeepCreate DeepAudio DeepRemix audio stem separation software isolate individual instrument parts

Hit’n’Mix have announced the release of RipX v6.2, which brings a range of new features and functionality to their source separation software, including greatly improved separation quality and the ability to display chord symbols for separated guitar layers.

Hit'n'Mix RipX v6.2 DeepCreate DeepAudio DeepRemix guitar separation and chord display softwareRipX is now capable of displaying chord diagrams for guitar parts within tracks. A new Highest Quality ripper option is now available and greatly improves the quality of the source separation at the cost of additional processing time, with the company saying that selecting the setting will result in times that are between 1.5 and 3x longer than previous versions. Another headline feature of the update is that the software is now capable of displaying guitar chord symbols when guitar layers are selected.

Hovering over the part with a mouse will present users with a chord fingering diagram, and right-clicking the symbol allows users to cycle though capo positions. With the addition of this new functionality, it is possible for users to utilise the software to separate guitar parts from any recording, and then use them to learn, practice and record their own parts to the original track.

A new Stereo Pass effect has been added which is capable of limiting audio selections to a chosen stereo position with a 25% window, a feature which the company say can be used for listening to individual instruments of the same type which are panned to different positions in the same layer. For example, it is possible to achieve some separation between lead and rhythm guitar parts.

A range of other improvements are also included, with automation lanes benefitting from extended functionality, and users now able to apply effects and sounds directly to selected layers without first having to make a time or note selection. A complete list of changes and bug fixes implemented by the v6.2 release can be found here.

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RipX is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and Macs running macOS 10.12 and higher.

Pricing & Availability

The update is available now for existing users. Those wishing to purchase any of the RipX modules can take advantage of the company’s Spring Sale, which is currently offering discounts of 20% until 11 April 2023. A 21-day free trial is also available.

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