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Nektar’s Aruba pad controller updated

New Record feature & drum synths added

Nektar Aruba Aura drum pad sequencer MIDI controller firmware Nektarine software update Record mode drum synths

Nektar have just released new firmware and software updates for Aruba (formerly known as Aura), their drum machine-style sequencer and pad controller. a number of features that include a new record mode have been introduced, and the updated Nektarine software now boasts an additional three drum synth instruments that offer a range of new acoustic-inspired and electronic sounds.

Record Mode

Aruba’s comprehensive step programming capabilities are now complemented by a new Record mode, which enables notes played by the device’s pads to be immediately captured as sequencer steps. Using this mode, users are able to record entire beats in a single pass, or build them up one part at a time. There are four parts available, each of which contains 16 steps, and the play rate can be set independently for each pattern or part to allow for different quantise settings and results.

Drum Synths

In addition to the device’s new firmware, the included Nektarine software has been updated and has gained three new drum synth instruments: K1 Kick Synth, S1 Snare Synth and T1 Tom Synth, which all feature a harmonic oscillator along with a set of parameters optimised for the instrument’s intended purpose. Open and closed beater options along with body, pitch and transient controls are provided for K1 Kick, whilst S1 Snare offers different wire options and noise sources.

All three of the instruments offer control over parameters such as pitch, decay and slope, and are also equipped with a cutoff filter with a saturation control. a global effects section provides additional sound shaping tools such as distortion and a two-band equaliser, as well as a simple compressor optimised for processing drum sounds. a range of sounds created with the new instruments have been added to the factory library, which now offers over 600 drum sounds and 45 kits.

Pricing & Availability

The firmware and software updates are available now from the Nektar web portal, and are free to existing users. For those wishing to purchase an Aruba, they are currently priced at $349.99£299.99 including VAT / €349.99.

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